For all the talk about legalized cannabis - a new poll confirms only a small fraction of the population is buying it.

Only 1 in 10 Maritimers say they've made a purchase.

The same poll finds that while many others plan to buy legal cannabis -- most Maritimers say they won't.

Nova Scotia's only stand-alone cannabis store is one of the busiest locations in the province since recreational pot became legal.

It’s no surprise to some. It turns out that about one in 10 Maritimers have already bought in and that's exactly what a Corporate Research Associates poll found last year -- before legalization.

In 2017, the CRA survey showed that in New Brunswick, nine per cent planned to purchase legal pot, while in Nova Scotia it was 10 per cent.

Those numbers on par with the most recent survey, which showed:

Nine per cent of residents in Saint John have purchased legal pot;

Ten per cent in Fredericton;

Ten per cent in Moncton; and,

Seven per cent in Halifax.

“I wouldn't suggest that that indicates that there's less interest in Halifax because one of the other questions we also asked was, in the near future, are you likely to actually purchase?” said CRA president and chief operating officer Margaret Brigley.“And what we saw was almost two in ten in all of the markets said yes and Halifax was actually higher.”

Some feel with the long lines we've seen at cannabis locations across the Maritimes there would be more than 10 per cent buying in.

“I feel like there's still that separation from illegal and legal so the 10 per cent statistic might not be as accurate as we're thinking because of the illegal market,” said

Rebecca Lavigne. “So, it is surprising though because you see all the lineups and they're down the street.”

Josh Haglof, who moved here from British Columbia, is a bit surprised.

“I just thought that it would be similar to back home,” said Haglof.

“I'm getting the old eyes from some of the employees to see if I'm okay when I'm at work you know, that kind of stuff,” said Tyrone Blades. “So, I can see why some people might not want to be part of the statistic, so i think the numbers are even higher.”

NSLC can't release a full picture of what sales have been like until the end of the quarter, but they did say the busiest stores are those in the Halifax area and the one in Sydney River.

Those busy locations are joined with the Portland Street, Joseph Howe and Downsview locations.  Those stores are consistently seeing the most foot traffic in the province.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown.