DARTMOUTH N.S. - A rally caused a stir amongst opposing groups in Dartmouth earlier today.

Police were called to the scene at Alderney Landing where they say approximately five members of the National Citizens Alliance were setting up a rally.

In a Facebook post on the group’s page they call the event a “Canadians First Rally," asking "all Canadians to join us in our mission to return Canada to the country it was intended to be," saying "extreme multiculturalism" is a failed policy.

Around 80 people showed up in opposition to the rally protesting the presences of NCA members, and the group's controversial views on immigration.

The counter-protestors chanted “NCA go away” until members chose to leave the area.

Police say once NCA members had left, the opposition group dispersed as well without any issue.

The Calgary-based organization tried to hold a rally at the same venue on Saturday, but decided to reschedule after they were shouted down by demonstrators.
In June, they tried to gather in a central Halifax park after being denied the use of three indoor venues, but they ended up leaving after they were quickly outnumbered by protesters.

With files from The Canadian Press