A stolen puppy has been returned to its home in the Halifax suburb of Timberlea.

Police responded to a report of a break and enter at the home on Wilbert Devoe Crescent shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday.

“I noticed that things were on the ground that I thought she knocked over, but realized she couldn’t reach,” says homeowner Ashley Hills.

“Then I realized something was terribly wrong when she didn’t come running to greet me, and I couldn’t find her anywhere.”

Thieves had taken the 12-week-old Boston Terrier, named Xiaobao. Some jewelry, a laptop, and a tablet were also stolen in the break-in.

“Things are replaceable,” says Hills. “But when it’s an animal you can bond with, it’s unbelievable.”

Police appealed to the public Thursday, asking for help in locating Xiaobao.

RCMP were investigating the incident when a Halifax Regional Police officer received a tip indicating where the puppy could be found.

They say the puppy was found unharmed and returned to its owners Thursday night.

The Hills are thrilled to have Xiaobao back and vow she will never be taken from them again.

“We’re going to be keeping a really close eye on her and definitely upgrading our security system as well, so nothing like this will ever happen again,” says Justin Hills.

“It really helps remind us what’s truly important to us.”

The couple suspects an ad they placed on Kijiji may have made them a target for theft after they allowed strangers into their home to look at the items for sale.

Police are still investigating the break-in.