Nova Scotia police raided a clubhouse with ties to the Hells Angels just hours after the biker gang threw a party celebrating the official opening of a chapter in the province.

The crackdown didn’t happen in Halifax, but rather an hour and a half away, in New Glasgow.

The town woke up to a heavy police presence, with more than 20 officers searching a clubhouse reportedly owned by the Gate Keepers, an affiliate group associated with the Angels.

“They’re outlawed motorcycle gangs per se, but the members of the Gate Keepers are not members of the Hells Angels,” said Cpl. Jadie Spence, with the Nova Scotia RCMP. “However, several of them are going through the initiation process to become full patch members of the Hells Angels.”

RCMP remain tight-lipped about the investigation, but say so far, nothing has been seized and no arrests have been made.

“At this time, the investigation and the search warrant is still being executed. We are still looking for evidence related to the investigation,” said Cpl. Spence.

Police won’t make the connection, but the clubhouse was raided within hours of a party reportedly celebrating the official reopening of a Hells Angels chapter in Musquodoboit Harbour.

RCMP estimate more than 250 bikers and party-goers attended, but that the celebrations wrapped up without complaint.

From a neighbour’s standpoint, last night’s big party turned out to be pretty tame.

“It wasn’t too bad, just with the motorcycles going by, but they were pretty quiet,” said Holly Boutilier, who lives in the area. “They’re doing their own thing, and they’re leaving us alone.”

Police shut down the Angels’ clubhouse more than 16 years ago, but the bikers still have a presence in the province. According to investigators, there are seven chapters associated with the infamous biker gang in Nova Scotia.

“The RCMP certainly doesn’t want the Hells Angels because of the activities they’re involved in,” said Cpl. Spence. “They are a well-known, established criminal organization that exists throughout Canada, the U.S., and elsewhere in the world.”

There’s still no word as to what kind of activities or complaints prompted the investigation or the raid.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Caitlin Andrea