International surfers are again expressing interest in riding the tidal bore in Moncton, and some locals say the city should create a festival around it.

Local surfer Melvin Perez says the tides filling the Petitcodiac River the last few days have been higher than usual.

“Right now with the full moon we have a very good wave. We enjoy it,” says Perez. “We enjoy this powerful wave today.”

In March, the city scrapped a proposal for a muddy river festival this summer.

Though the idea has been shelved for now, Perez hopes an event can be organized for 2015 to celebrate the natural phenomenon.

“It can be awesome if there can be a festival here in the city about the river because I feel that little by little the people here in Moncton are getting more interested in the river,” says Perez.

But locals aren’t the only ones showing interest in Moncton’s tidal bore. Last year, two surfers from California set a record by riding the tidal bore for 29 kilometres.

“International surfers from other countries want to come and try this powerful and beautiful wave so I’m not surprised if I see other guys here from other countries,” says Perez.

“I think it’s pretty brave to actually surf the tidal bore because it’s quite a bit of water coming in through the river,” says tourist Peter Darrach.

As word continues to spread throughout the international surfing community about the thrill of riding the wave, Perez hopes interest in building a festival event will also continue to spread.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Jonathan MacInnis