There is more help on the way for people who find themselves living on the streets and battling addictions.

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission has announced it is merging with a program called Pathways to Freedom, which is a group working to help offenders. 

“When you do a merger, you're no longer in competition,” says Michelle Porter, executive director of Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. “You don't duplicate your donors you don't duplicate your work, and that all benefits the client.” 

The executive directors of both organizations realized what they were doing really wasn't all that different. In fact, they were already helping some of the same people.

“The big plus was a focus on recovering and addictions treatment,” says Pastor Bob George, manager of Pathways to Freedom. “I was surprised to find out they had that like-minded goal as well.”

Together they are planning to open a recovery home, a safe place for recovering addicts. They just need to find a building.

Joseph Cormier of Halifax knows the benefits of Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. When he reached his late 20s, he thought he would get the chance to be the father he never had. But after his addictions spiraled out of control, Cormier ended up behind bars for more than two years.

He says his release was nearly as scary as his incarceration.

“My heart's racing. I don't know where to go, trying to reintegrate again after being locked up for 26 months,” says Cormier.

Cormier then found Souls Harbour, which allowed for more of a smooth reintegration back into society.

“My life now is a blessing in so many ways,” says Cormier.

He's been sober for three years, six months and two weeks.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kayla Hounsell.