SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. -- Police in Summerside, P.E.I., are encouraging motorists to stop being quite so nice -- because it's causing accidents.

Sgt. Jason Blacquiere says there have been a number of accidents recently when drivers have yielded their right-of-way and waved other vehicles out into traffic.

He said there can be oncoming vehicles in other lanes whose drivers are unaware of the situation, and a collision occurs.

"It's good intentions, I guess. People are trying to be courteous to other drivers but they are unintentionally creating some very dangerous situations on the roads," he said.

He said these kinds of accidents usually occur in places where there are busy intersections or busy parking lots.

Blacquiere said while motorists are trying to be nice, they could find themselves being charged or the subject of a civil lawsuit.

"We're just trying to make the public aware: If you have the right of way -- use it," he said.

Blacquiere says no one was hurt in the recent accidents in the city, but vehicles were damaged.

It's not the first time P.E.I. drivers have been told to stop being so nice.

Police in Charlottetown issued a similar warning in late 2016 after a series of accidents in the Island capital.

Most of the accidents occurred on University Avenue, one of the city's busiest four-lane thoroughfares with businesses lining both sides of the street.