The decision to bump the Remembrance Day ceremony at Sydney’s Centre 200 for a Christmas craft fair has sparked a huge outcry from veterans and other community members.

Legion president Stephen MacLennan says he’s been bombarded with questions over the past 24 hours.

“I've received lots of calls and emails in reference to our story (on Monday),” said MacLellan. “A lot of people feel very strongly about losing Centre 200.”

The ceremony has been moved from the 5,000-seat arena to the Joan Harris Cruise Pavillion, which seats 1,300.

Social media pages have been flooded with comments condemning the move. On the CTV Atlantic Facebook page, Shelley Musial Angelo says, “I am extremely disappointed with this decision by Centre 200 to put profit above our veterans,” followed by Julie Hickey saying, “This is disgraceful!!!”

Some are even calling for a boycott of the craft fair.

“The craft fair has been here at this same weekend for the past 15 years and has been operating on Remembrance Day. I think the issue here was we had the ceremony here in the building starting in 2014 and that's where things went off the rails,” said Paul MacDonald, manager of Centre 200.

MacDonald says a notice was sent out months ago to legion members noting the building was booked this year. MacLennan says he only received word last week.

“Obviously communication wasn't moved forward or moved through the ranks and it turns into a mess and that's where we are at now,” said MacDonald.

MacLennan says the municipality has been good to them and there are no hard feelings, despite the disappointment of losing the ideal venue.

“I feel proud that the community cares so much about the veterans,” he said.

Residents are also questioning whether the craft show is allowed to operate on Nov. 11.  The Remembrance Day Act prohibits the sale of goods or property on Nov. 11 with a number of exceptions, including retail stores with no more than three people operating the store at any one time.

CTV News reached out to the Home Crafters of Cape Breton who organized the show each year, but they did not want to comment publicly. However, they did say they will be holding a meeting with their board of directors on Wednesday to discuss this issue.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.