You may have already heard of the famous full figured feline from Fredericton. The fat cat made headlines around the world after he was dropped off at the SPCA almost a year ago, weighing in at 30 pounds.

A lot can change in a year, especially with a good diet and some exercise. A few days shy of that anniversary, Tiny is down to just over 17 pounds.

“Obviously Tiny was morbidly obese,” says Leeann Haggerty of the Fredericton SPCA. “He was about 300 to 400 pounds in human and he’s lost about 13 pounds, so that’s almost like losing 130 pounds. It’s pretty amazing.”

Nancy Garon has been taking care of Tiny all year. She says, it is as if he is a brand new cat.

“To see him run is just so exciting and when he was 23 pounds, that’s when he started to clean himself and that was a big goal for him,” says Garon.

A big goal during what has been a big year. Tiny has become very popular on Facebook, he scored a Valentine’s Day date with a malnourished cat from Edmonton and he has received plenty of worldwide attention and helped shed light on issues of house pet health and fitness.

The attention has also translated into donations to the Fredericton SPCA. Helped by the sales of Tiny Ties, close to $10,000 dollars has been given this year to help other animals at the shelter.

“We’ve sold ties to Europe, Australia, all across the United States,” says Haggerty.

And Tiny’s weight loss journey isn’t over yet. The goal is for him to lose about another pound.

“We’ll be continuing to monitor his health and weight with his veterinarian,” says Haggerty.

Which means Tiny is well on his way to living up to his name.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Nick Moore