GLENHOLME, N.S. -- Truck drivers are still hauling loads from coast-to-coast during the COVID-19 outbreak.

One woman wants to make sure truckers are well-fed during these trying times, so she is offering hot meals at her Glenholme, N.S., truck stop -- free of charge.

Crystal Blair serves truck drivers hot takeout from sun-up to sun-down

The truck stop and restaurant owner says she worries about the well-being of drivers during the COVID-19 outbreak and wants to do everything she can to help out.

"They're living in their trucks, some of them are gone for weeks at a time, some of them can't go home, because of where they've been, they don't have bathrooms in their trucks," Blair said.

Blair is able to provide all of the meals free of charge because the food is donated by community members.

She also provides snacks, homemade baked goods, and drinks like pop and juice to the drivers, like Bob Gordon.

"It's a nice spot to come to," Gordon says. "Good food, nice people, we really appreciate it you know, to get something to eat, it's great."

Drivers can even enjoy a quick shower before hitting the road again.

Blair says it's important to stick together and work as a community.

"It's a lonely old road out there today, and they don't even know where they can stop and use the washroom," Blair said. "This is why I'm giving away toilet paper to drivers."

Blair started serving hot meals one week ago and she is encouraging other truck stops around the country to do the same.

"Whether you can provide a hot meal, a cup of coffee, a washroom, it all means so much to these drivers," Blair said. "I'm just one small truck stop in the small town of Glenholme. Some of these drivers are going all across the nation."

Drivers like Kenny Davidson say they're grateful beyond words and hope to meet more people like Blair on their travels.

"She's just an angel," Davidson said. "I mean, who else would do this?"

For now, Blair's truck stop is like an oasis just off the TransCanada, west of Truro, that will continue to serve hot meals, so long as truckers keep rolling down the highway.