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Young entrepreneur shares a new way to explore P.E.I.’s Tracadie Bay

Tucked away in a quiet bay in Grand Tracadie, P.E.I. is a bit of an unusual sight.

It’s the only place on the island you can ride a tricycle on water.

Moe Dalbah settled nearby after he graduated from the University of Prince Edward Island. The electrical engineer by trade saw an opportunity to bring something unique to his new home.

“Tourists can come and actually see something here,” said Moe Dalbah, Marina Water Trikes Owner. “There’s a bunch of stuff to do in P.E.I., but for us young people we like to do fun stuff.”

Dalbahsays he plans to install a floating dock, but until then he’s left to push the floating trikes down the beach into the water himself.

“If you’re cycling on the road, why not cycle on the water?” said Dalbah. “Exercise at the same time, and you get to enjoy the nice breezy weather and nice ocean views.”

Up to two people can ride at once, with a combined weight of 650 pounds.

“It’s best experience ever, I had on this island,” said Jashan Deepsing. “It’s extremely, very, healthful.”

Dalbahsaid it isn't too hard of a workout, but the trikes are solely muscle powered.

“It’s amazing. We just tried it first time and it was great fun,” said Manpreet Singh. “Now I am tired. After one long hour cycling, I am feeling tired.”

It may not be your typical day at the beach, but if triking on water sounds like something you’d enjoy, now you have the option to do that on Prince Edward Island. Top Stories

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