Happy Wednesday! Today on the show, we learned tips for the parents from Lorelei Burgess at Oxford Learning! Those parent/teacher interviews are coming up, and parents should be ready with a set of questions to ask the teacher – no matter how well your child is doing, it’s always good to chat with their teacher. Our favourite florist Neville MacKay stopped by to show us how to give a beautiful gift to celebrate administrative professionals’ week! He suggests putting flowers in a beautiful pot or maybe a new favourite mug, fill it with a card, new brooch or even a gift certificate! We also had an amazing chat with Marcia Chafe, whose husband has benefited from Can Praxis, an internationally recognized horse therapy program which is helping veterans with PTSD. Ana also joined us with the latest news from Hollywood with Pop/Buzz!

Also, our Winning Wheels contest is well underway! We give out the keyword of the day several times during the show, so if you miss it the first time, keep watching! You can enter ONCE per keyword, so enter as many times as you can to win a 2014 Toyota Highlander LE with a total prize value of more than $38,000. Just click on the “Winning Wheels” icon and enter the keyword when you get it! Our keyword is always good until 5 PM that day.

Heidi is off on vacation for a bit, so the rest of the team is filling in! At 7:15 on Thursday, Cyril goes to the dentist for a checkup on Oral Health Month. At 7:45, enjoy slow food by the sea and the newly formed East Coast Chefs Collaborative! It’s also allergy season! At 8:15, Dr. Joyce Johnson shows us how to relieve allergies the natural way. Then at 8:45, we sit down with Dylan Guthro who has just released his new single “Do It All Again,” which sees his music branching out in a different direction.

Join us for all that, plus the latest news with Felicia Yap and the most accurate weather, starting at 7 AM! See you then!