Halifax mayor Mike Savage surprised us with a special visit this morning – and he even took off his shirt on live TV! Don’t worry, it was for a good cause, as he was pitching in on a new campaign led by comedian Candy Palmater for Big Brothers Big Sisters Halifax to raise gently used clothing goods for their fundraising efforts! Thanks to Candy and Mayor Savage for coming in – and if you’re at this weekend’s Halifax Pride Parade, don’t be surprised if Candy asks for the shirt off your back!

On Friday’s show, we’re checking in with CTV’s very own Jackie Foster, who is in Glasgow, Scotland right now, representing Canada in the sport of lawn bowling at the Commonwealth Games! We’ll chat with her at 8:15 AM. At 7:45 AM, we talk to author Kat Krueger about the final book in her Magdeburg Trilogy – the story of a teen who becomes a a werewolf. Plus, Cyril is hanging out – literally! – at Atlantic Cirque’s summer camp! We always thought he would join the circus one day!

Join us for all that, plus the latest news with Felicia Yap and the most up-to-date forecast starting at 7 AM! See you then!