Heidi is still trying to figure out how magician Michael James took her ring and made it re-appear wrapped in tissue paper in his wallet this morning – now that’s some magic! Michael is one of the talented performers on the roster for this year’s Halifax International Busker Festival – you can see him on the first day of the fest tomorrow at 1 PM! We’ll be featuring busker acts all this week – so don’t miss it!

Tomorrow, we start the morning with our weekly visit from Lorelei Burgess of Oxford Learning with “Better Grades” at 7:15 AM. Then at 7:45 AM, we’re rocking out in the CML studio with a preview of all the entertainment at the third annual Maritime Rockabilly Shakedown Festival with a visit from The Shakedown Combo! At 8:15 , you’ll be wowed by the amazing “Bendy Em” , who is performing her very “flexible” show at this year’s Halifax International Busker Festival.  Then at 8:20 AM, Katie Kelly is showing us all about Pinterest in her weekly segment, followed at 8:40 by Ana Almeida, who joins us with all the latest gossip in pop culture and entertainment news in Pop/Buzz.

Join us for all that, plus the latest news with Felicia Yap and the most up-to-date forecast starting at 7 AM! See you then!