Cyril wasn’t exactly smelling like roses after he returned from “Making it Work” at the Halifax recycling facility! But, he learned a lot about just how tough the job is, and what a great job the employees there do making sure that recyclables are separated properly! Thanks to Marcel and the rest of the crew there for letting Cyril try the job out for a morning!

Tomorrow we continue “Makin’ It Work” week, with stories and interviews dedicated to issues around work. At 7:15 AM, Lorelei of Oxford Learning returns with another edition of “Better Grades.” At 7:45 AM, Laurie Barker Jackman shares her top tips to help keep our eating habits on track at the office (such as how to resist that workplace birthday cake!). At 8:15 AM, we sit down with Juno winner Crystal Shawanda to talk about making the musical transition from country artist to modern blues chanteuse with her latest album, “The Whole World’s Got the Blues”.  we meet a dog with a job: Jacuzzi the guide dog! Then, at 8:20 AM, Katie shows us how to DIY sugar scrubs, and Ana joins us to talk the latest pop culture news in Pop/Buzz at 8:45 AM. Plus, Cyril is heading to the farm as he tries to learn how to herd sheep with the help of some special dogs!

Be sure to join us for all this, plus the latest news with Felicia Yap and the latest weather with Alyse Hand starting at 7 AM! See you then!