It’s the start of a new month, and to mark the beginning of October, we had plenty of help in getting our fall wardrobes in order this morning! Thanks to the ladies behind Beck and Boosh for filling us in on the latest jewelry trends, and to Katie Kelly for helping us take our summer wardrobe on into the colder weather!

Join us tomorrow as we broadcast live from the amazing $1.2 million Grand Prize Showhome in the QEII Lifestyles Lottery! At 7:15 AM, we’ll talk to QEII Health Sciences Centre Foundation president Bill Bean about the Lottery and how Nova Scotians can win fantastic prizes, and support the health centre at the same time. At 7:20 AM, we check in with singer/songwriter Mo Kenny and find out why she went electric for her new album, “In My Dreams.”   At 7:45 AM, lead interior designer Meg Wallace of Harmony Interiors shares her inspiration for amazing home décor. At 8:15AM, we’ll find out how about a painful nerve disorder that affects 15,000 people every year! Plus, Cyril gets “gnarly” as he checks out the new “Rad Science” exhibit at the Discovery Centre.

Be sure to join us for all this, plus the latest news with Felicia Yap and the weather with Alyse Hand starting at 7 AM! See you then!