It was a fun way to end the month of June as the CML studio got a visit from the Dine Alone Records “Wax on Wheels” mobile record store this morning, complete with a live performance from folk troubadour Spencer Burton! Plus, there were delicious wings from the Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia Co-op and our Komado Joe “grillmaster”, and we had a visit from favorite feline activist, Dr. Hugh Chisholm! Happy Tuesday!

We are off for Canada Day tomorrow on CML, and we hope you enjoy your own celebrations as well! We’ll be back on Thursday, and at 7:15 we’ll start things off on a roll as Heidi participates in one of the acts at this year’s Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo!  At 7:45, we continue “Let’s Get Grilling” week and find out how a Maritime entrepreneur is bringing top grade steaks to doorsteps by mail! At 8:15 in “Living Well”, we explore sleep disordered breathing, and whether it’s keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep. And at 8:40 AM, we learn how a young woman named “Neely G” inspired a new music festival in New Brunswick!  Plus, Cyril is casting out and bass fishing – find out if he hooks anything!

Join us for all that, plus the latest Atlantic Canada weather forecast, and up to date news headlines and stories with Priya Sam, starting bright and early at 7 AM!