Happy Monday!  

Cyril, Alyse and Felicia started the week off on a busy note. The smell of breakfast was pouring out of our CML kitchen bright and early this morning. Scott Geddes, co-owner of Cocoa Pesto in Windsor, N.S., stopped by to make us delicious Eggs Woodshire.

We also got some great financial tips from Stephanie Holmes-Winton, the money finder. She chatted about keeping our financial resolutions on the right track. Making a goal that’s too big doesn’t always work out, so it’s good to make your resolutions realistic.

Along with one resolution, comes another. In this week’s ‘Your Home’ segment, we learned all about de-cluttering your home and finding room and ways to make space for everything you have. It’s time to get organized!

If you love hockey, you’ll enjoy Cyril’s segments on the preparations leading up to this year’s Long Pond Heritage Classic that’s happening in Windsor next month. The hockey tournament takes place on the pond that started it all more than 200 years ago. This tournament also brings in several NHL all-stars.

We had a busy, but fantastic day. Please take time to view all our segments, from photography to the season two premiere of Bravo’s show, 19-2, we have something for everyone.

Don’t forget to tune-in and spend your morning with us tomorrow. We have another fun-filled show planned for you. Nova Scotia singer-songwriter, Ben Caplan, stops by to chat about some new music and his upcoming, first tour ever, through the United States. Plus, we’ll learn about a new comedy opening at Neptune Theatres, and Cyril gets an inside look at Crime Stoppers.

All that and more, Tuesday on CTV Morning Live.

Have a great day. We’ll see you at 7 AM!