CAPE ENRAGE, N.B. -- One of New Brunswick’s most popular tourist destinations will welcome visitors back this summer.

Cape Enrage is renowned around the world for its iconic lighthouse and its stunning views of the Bay of Fundy tides. But last summer, the site was forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting May 21, New Brunswickers can once again venture out to Cape Enrage to see the picturesque grand vistas.

“It’s such a beautiful sight,” says Sylvie Migneaut, assistant manager at Cape Enrage. “It’s relaxing, you can really connect with nature.”

With hopes of the Atlantic Bubble reopening by summer, staff are hoping business will be better this year as they offer new guided fossil tours for visitors.

“There are two different tours,” explains Migneault. “One that’s 30 minutes that will be accessible to everybody, kids and adults, it won’t be so strenuous, and we will have a two hour tour which is going to be walking all the way around the lighthouse, and we are going to learn a lot more about the fossils at Cape Enrage.”

The look back at the region’s history comes after the discovery of fossilized footsprints last year, found amid the landscape of the 320-million-year-old cliffs.

“Last summer we discovered amphibian footprints, crab and millipede footprints. Those were really some of the first animals found at that site,” says Matt Stimson, paleontology research associate at the New Brunswick Museum.

Stimson and other staff at the New Brunswick Museum have been assisting Cape Enrage with their fossil tours by providing scientific expertise.

"As the cliffs are continually clawed away at by the world’s highest tides of the Bay of Fundy, there's always a chance of finding something new every spring and throughout the year," explains Stimson.

Something new that staff members at Cape Enrage hope will pull people back to the shore for the upcoming summer months, as the last year has forced many Canadians to stay indoors.

"It'll be nice to see people outside again," says Migneault.

Outside enjoying some of the best views that the Bay of Fundy has to offer, as well as a look back at the area’s ancient history.