The Acadia Axemen pulled out a 45-38 win over the Saint Mary’s Huskies to win the Loney Bowl that almost wasn’t played.

“It was absolutely surreal,” says Cam Davidson, who was awarded player of the game. “This is hands down the best moment of my life, to be able to share this with all my teammates.”

Almost 1,000 tickets were sold for the game that was only reinstated 48 hours earlier. Officials say it was just as good as if it were on a Saturday.

Acadia Axemen head coach Jeff Cummins says the team was grateful for the opportunity to play.

“It’s been 24 days since we’ve had the chance to play,” says Cummins. We were just getting ready to play a football game. We weren’t really sure who we were going to play … but we just made sure we stayed focused on us.”

Some Huskies fans made the trip down from Halifax to see their team take on the Axemen, with many offering their opinion on what’s happened over the last few weeks.

"I think they should simplify the rules on this,” says Huskies fan Don Logan, “and put a rule package in that has no interpretation. It's this or it's that. Black and white."

“It's so stupid what's been going on, but (in) 62 years I've never seen this ever happen. It's a shame,” says Huskies fan Frank Gerbais.

Huskies fans were the minority in the stands and there were plenty of boos as SMU took to the field.

The events that led to a Tuesday game in Wolfville also dominated small talk in the stands.

"I think it should be St. Francis Xavier playing here against Acadia and not Saint Mary's," says Acadia fan Keith Kerr.

"Acadia should have been through,” says Axemen fan Elijah Spicer. “Delayed the game too long, it shouldn't have been happening. But here to support the team."

But there was one thing both sides could agree on. Temperatures were low and the wind was harsh, making for a difficult game to play and watch.

But some say they wouldn’t miss it for anything.

"I think a lot of people in the country now know where Wolfville is now,” says fan Leroy Paterson.

Acadia will take on Western University Saturday at Raymond Field.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Laura Brown.