HALIFAX -- Some residents of a Halifax condo building will have to vacate their units over the Thanksgiving weekend so crews can start dismantling a collapsed crane.

The crane collapsed onto a building under construction on South Park Street during post-tropical storm Dorian on Sept. 7.

Dozens of residents and a number of businesses were forced to evacuate the area after the incident and have been out of their buildings for over a month.

Now, residents in 11 additional units of the Trillium condo building have been told they need to be out of their units by 6 a.m. Sunday, so crews can begin the next phase of the project.

They are expected to begin dismantling the crane -- which government officials say is currently secured in place by 26 anchor points using cable, chains and structural steel-- on Sunday.

"We know this has been an extremely difficult time for those who have had their lives and business disrupted by this incident," said Lloyd Hines, minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, in a news release.

"A significant amount of work has been completed and our team will continue to do everything they can to move this project forward quickly and safely."

The area surrounding the crane remains closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

A localized state of emergency was first declared in the area on Sept. 18, which shifted the liability for potential damage during the crane's removal to the province.

The state of emergency order was set to expire on Oct. 2 at 3:30 p.m., but the province extended the order for another 14 days to ensure the ongoing removal of the crane.

The localized emergency area is defined as the city block within the boundaries of South Park Street, and bordered by Brenton Street, Brenton Place and Spring Garden Road

Officials have not said how long it will take to cut and dismantle the crane, or when the evacuated residents and businesses will be allowed to return.