HALIFAX -- It can only be seen on aviation radar, but Nova Scotia pilot and sky artist Dimitri Neonakis has once again created an elaborate and poignant flight path in honour of a provincial tragedy.

His latest creation, posted to social media, depicts an anchor in tribute to the crew of the scallop boat Chief William Saulis, which went missing on Tuesday.

“A flight path from Digby to Yarmouth in memory of the Chief William Saulis, lost at sea on December 15th, and a message of support to their families and communities”, reads the post.

Crew aboard the missing boat have been identified as:

  • Aaron Cogswell
  • Daniel Forbes
  • Michael Drake
  • Leonard Gabriel
  • Eugene Francis
  • Charles Roberts

On Tuesday night, searchers discovered one of the bodies, later revealed to be Michael Drake. On Friday, the crew's ground search was suspended due to weather concerns. On Saturday, RCMP Air Services conducted an aerial search of the coastline between Digby Gut and Morden via helicopter. Police say the search did not locate the other missing fishermen or any debris from the vessel. The aerial search continued Sunday.