HALIFAX -- Canada Post has confirmed a positive case of COVID-19 among one of their employees at their Halifax location on Almon Street.

In an email from Phil Legault, the media relations director for Canada Post, he says the office was informed about the case Wednesday night.

Legault says the office on Almon Street will be providing some services on Thursday, but mail delivery has been suspended for the day.

"We are looking at having service restored on Friday and at putting in place contingency plans over the weekend to minimize the impact on delivery services to our customers," wrote the company in a release.

Dwayne Corner, the president of Nova Local 096, says the individual who tested positive last worked on Friday evening – a shift that normally involves between 50 to 100 people.

Legault says Canada Post has followed public health guidance by informing employees, supporting contact tracing, and conducting a sanitization of the facility.

They have also implemented numerous public health measures in all of their operations, including:

  • Physical distancing
  • Screening in facilities for employees, contractors, and visitors
  • Have visible markings
  • Staggered start times where necessary
  • Increased cleaning
  • Made safety equipment and sanitizers available at all times
  • Provided reusable face coverings

"We certainly understand that operating during COVID-19 can cause concerns for employees. That's why, since the beginning, we've committed to closely following the advice of public health officials at the national and local level in order to keep our employees and the people they serve safe," read the release.