A Cape Breton councillor says she will not be apologizing for comments she made on CTV News over the weekend.

Amanda McDougall was scolded by the mayor during a public session Tuesday night. McDougall maintains she’s done nothing wrong.

“I feel like I'm being tested,” she says. “I feel like this is the test of what she can take and what can't she take. Just like anyone else in any other position. It's just trying to find my limits.”

In a battle of words Tuesday night, Cape Breton Regional Municipality Mayor Cecil Clarke said McDougall shouldn't speak for other councilors. He also condemned a letter published in a local newspaper with her name attached urging the municipality to fund a new arts and innovation centre.

“For a council member to question the motive or integrity or intent of their fellow colleagues and suggest if they don't make a decision in advance of a deliberation is not appropriate or fair to their colleagues,” says Clarke. 

McDougall also stated on this newscast that the municipality shouldn't be in the business of private business when it comes to the potential of a container terminal in Sydney. But she was offering no apology and stands behind what she has said.

“It's all about public accountability. If you're not out there voicing your opinion on behalf of constituents, then you're not doing your job,” she says.

This all comes after mayor Clarke’s recent trip to China. Many thought the meeting would consist of port development discussions, but instead the focus is on all of this squabbling inside and outside council chambers.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.