Mitchell Bailey doesn't care who you vote for; he just wants you to get out and vote. To ensure his message is heard, the Cape Breton rapper has released a new song called "Vote" ahead of Election Day in Canada.

A video for the 22-year-old’s single premiered online on Monday and has since received hundreds of shares and thousands of views on social media.

"I'm trying to help make a difference and maybe encourage my audience to go out and vote – just anybody in general," says Bailey.

He says he recently came up with the idea for the song, but notes he realized many people his age weren’t voting during the previous federal election in 2015 – himself included.

"It's kind of counterproductive to complain about some stuff afterwards because you didn't exercise your right to vote," says Bailey.

Bailey says his new song required him to research Canadian politics and politicians. He encourages others to research as well to make an informed decision.

"I'm not a political analyst, I'm no expert either; I'm just learning as I go along,” says Bailey, “But it's just something that sparked my interest."

Bailey hopes the medium of a hip hop song will help convey his message to millennials like himself.

"If some people vote because they saw this and they were reminded to vote, then that's a job accomplished,” says Bailey.

And while 'Vote' has received positive feedback, Bailey says he'd be excited if one of the federal leaders took notice of the song on social media.

"I would love to see a big politician share it,” says Bailey. “Just really get that message out."

Election Day takes place on Monday.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDonald