Police say there has been a significant development in the case of a Dartmouth woman reported missing last month.

Investigators confirm police were called to the Dartmouth Sportsplex on Sunday to pick up a cellphone related to Catherine Miller’s case, but are saying little else at this point.

“An item has been turned over to Dartmouth Sportsplex on Sunday. It has been turned over to police. It is in relation to the Catie Miller disappearance,” says Halifax Regional Police Const. Pierre Bourdages.

CTV News has learned the cellphone was dropped off at the Dartmouth Sportsplex sometime last week.

Miller’s father says police called his ex-wife with the news Tuesday afternoon.

“She had received a call from police that a cellphone had been turned in,” says John Miller. “Hopefully it will contain a bunch of information, if it is the right cellphone, and will give the police more to work with. I think that would be a significant find.”

Bourdages won’t confirm who turned over the phone and won’t say if there is video of the person.

“The circumstances in how the item was turned over to the Sportsplex, and the item itself, is being investigated,” he says.

John Miller says his daughter, 29, lives close to the Dartmouth Sportsplex, in an apartment she started renting in April.

He last heard from her on July 15. He says she called him on her cellphone from her apartment before 11 a.m. However, he says there were other calls made afterwards, including one to a cab company.

“It was used several times between 11 and 2:45 and once after the cab was called,” he says.

However, he says it isn’t clear who was making the calls.

“I have been wondering, because the cab driver said it was not her that he picked up, whether she was in possession when the cab was called.”

Bourdages says the discovery of the cellphone doesn’t change the nature of the investigation, but there may be information on the phone that will help locate her.

A candlelight vigil for Miller will be held at Halifax’s Grand Parade Tuesday evening. Miller’s parents are expected to speak at the vigil, which starts at 8 p.m. Hundreds of people are expected to attend.

Meanwhile, police are asking anyone with information on Miller’s disappearance to come forward.

Miller is described as a white female with brown shoulder-length hair and grey eyes. She is about five-foot-eight and weighs 130 pounds.

Police say her ears are pierced and she has no known tattoos. She often wears her hair in a ponytail.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Rick Grant