A family-owned business that stood for more than a century in a small Nova Scotia town is about to close its doors.

Shoppers have been flocking to Dayle’s Dept. Store in a grand old building in Amherst, N.S. since 1906.

Originally known as The 2 Barkers, the department store was purchased by Bernard Sidler in 1955 and called Margolians. His daughter renamed it Dayle’s, when she took over in 2004.

The historic building, with a red brick exterior and a sweeping staircase, was known for its loud, creaking wooden floors.

“That was one thing that we always used for our advertising, ‘where the floors creak and the smiles are genuine,’” says owner Karen Cormier.

Shopping has changed since the store was in its glory days and last fall, Cormier decided it was time to close for good.

“The younger people are shopping online, our older customers don't need as much,” says Cormier. “The store is huge, the expenses are getting up there.”

Roger Dorrington is one of thirty-five employees who will lose their jobs when the store closes its doors for good. Dorrington has worked at the department store for 37 years and says customers will be losing a special brand of customer service.

“I don't remember names, but I remember foot sizes and I remember something about some people's family or somebody bought something once upon a time, I remember that, something about the customer,” says Dorrington.

Residents say they will miss the special piece of town history.

“I love the store. I loved all the creaks. I loved all the smiles. I loved how friendly people were,” says customer Colleen Dowe.

“They lasted longer than Target, they lasted longer than Zellers, they lasted longer than a lot of companies and I, you know, it was through their business skills,” says Rob Small, Amherst Mayor.

Cormier says the last day of work for the staff will be Feb. 6, but depending on how sales go, the store could be closed to the public, as early as this weekend.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh