The new era of Donald Trump in the United States has many on our side of the border changing travel plans.

Airports across the United States were thrown into disarray after President Trump imposed a travel ban on people arriving from seven countries. That chaos, combined with an increasing level of unease with the president and his policies, has many travellers skeptical.

“I've had that a couple of times already this week,” said travel agent Valerie Colpitts. “They were initially intending to go to Orlando… and now they're going to go do something different.”

Insurance providers sent out a memo to travels agents Wednesday morning asking to have vacationers sign a special waiver in case their travel plans get interrupted.

“Because of the increased delays at the airport security, so you may miss a connections so you will be covered if you do have your trip interruption insurance,” Colpitts said.

Others in the travel industry aren't seeing the same level of concern. Lisa Cormier operates five to six bus tours to the U.S. every year. The next is at the end of the month, but it will be their first trip south of the border since Trump’s inauguration.

“People are always going to want to travel,” said Cormier. “It shouldn't really affect too many bus tour operators at all travelling into the United States where everybody is pre-screened.”

Others are calling for people to give Trump a chance.

“It's not really the president. There's so many people behind the scenes. He's just the figurehead,” said traveller Stephen Langlois.

“I didn't experience any kind of pushback. I didn't see any kind of protest,” said traveller Alexandra McCabe.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis.