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Healthy Holiday Appetizers


Santa Hat Apps


  • Crackers
  • Cheese
  • red pepper
  • whipped cream cheese


  1. Make a cheese sandwich with your crackers.
  2. Cut the red pepper into triangles to fit on the top of your cracker.
  3. Put the whipped cream cheese into a sandwich bag and cut the corner.
  4. Pipe some cream cheese on the back of the pepper so it sticks to the cracker then pipe a dot for the top of the ‘hat’ and pipe more to rim the bottom of the ‘hat.’

Santa hat crackers are pictured on a white plate.

Lazy Festive Cheese App


  • store-bought cheese ball
  • dill
  • nuts
  • dried cranberries


  1. Roll the cheese ball into bite-sized pieces.
  2. Roll the bite-sized pieces in toppings such as dill, dried cranberry pieces, or nuts.
  3. Stick a pretzel in them and serve.

Cheese ball bites are pictured on a white plate. Top Stories

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