A small coffee shop in New Glasgow, N.S. is putting a new twist on Pictou County’s famous pizza, which is known for its spicy brown sauce.

Scott Hoare has always loved experimenting in the kitchen, so when one of his staff at the Coffee Bean challenged him to make a Pictou County pizza muffin, he knew he was up to the task.

“Usually when I try a new muffin I usually make a small batch, like between eight and 12, just to see if it will sell,” says Hoare. “The first day I made 22. They were sold within minutes.”

Pictou County has become synonymous with delicious, spicy pizza over the years and Hoare says pizza lovers are now lining up to get their hands on the new Pictou County pizza muffin.

“Just like a nice chunk of pizza,” says customer Lynn Fenton. “You taste the meat, you taste the cheese, you taste the peppers. You must get a taste of everything that’s in it.”

“It’s just like eating a pizza, really,” says customer Jim MacIvor. “It’s got all that nice flavour to it. It’s a nice change.”

“Oh yeah, you can get the pizza sauce. You can get the flavour from the sauce,” says Wally Gallant. “It should be a good seller.”

Hoare says the Coffee Bean will usually sell about three dozen of its most popular muffins each day. However, the café has sometimes sold more than 10 dozen Pictou County muffins in one day.

“We have our pepperoni, onion and green pepper, and several different cheeses, and so far, it’s a hit,” says Hoare. “We’re getting phone calls from people that have never been here before and they’re coming in just for the muffin…they’re sold before they even come out of the oven.”

Hoare says he will continue to make the muffins as long as they are in demand.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh