For years, Remembrance Day ceremonies at Sullivan's Pond in Dartmouth have been well attended. The crowds have often overflowed onto the nearby street, with hundreds paying their respects to veterans.  

But a big construction project is presenting a major challenge for organizers this year.

“The city offered us a couple different locations that we could go out and have a look at,” says Bill Brooks, president of the Somme Branch Legion. “We looked at a few places, and in the end, we chose Sullivan’s Pond by the bandstand."

The cenotaph itself is accessible, but much of the park around it has been torn up for installation of storm drains.

“The initial plan was that the show would go on as is, but as construction has proceeded it's become very obvious that that just can't happen,” says Dartmouth Centre councillor Sam Austin.

The local legion says it has been fielding calls from people confused about whether the ceremony would still be held at Sullivan’s Pond.

“We'll be stepping off at approximately 10:40, arriving at the bandstand at approximately 10:50, the service will start at 11," says Brooks.

The parade remains unchanged. A Sea King helicopter from Shearwater is scheduled to fly overhead at 11:08. The change will come when the wreaths are laid.

“They'll have the option of leaving the wreaths at the bandstand area, which after everything is done and over with will be transported down to and placed at the cenotaph," Brooks says.

Other sites offered to the legion either presented accessibility issues to veterans or were too busy.

“There's also an emotional attachment to Sullivan’s Pond,” Austin says. “It's the heart of the community in a lot of ways."

Tents will be provided to shelter veterans with mobility issues.

The full schedule can be found here.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.