A dead minke whale has been spotted washed up along the Bay of Fundy shoreline near Tiverton, Long Island, N.S.

Amy Tudor, along with her husband Jess, hiked through the woods and climbed slippery wet rocks to reach the animal Friday. 

She says it was a difficult sight to see.

“It was a hard day,” she says. “It’s very emotional when you see something you love so much like that… you fear for these animals.”

Tudor works as a tour guide for Mariner Cruises and Seabird Tours and she was notified by the owner that the whale had been spotted. Her and Jess were greeted by Elmer Cann who took the couple to the whale to investigate.

When Tudor stared down at the whale she remembers questioning whether the creature was one she had encountered previously while giving tours in the summer.

Tudor says the three knew there was limited time to photograph and document the whale because it had washed up at a mid-level water mark.

With the help of measuring tapes, they analyzed the whale by doing a photo sweep from its face to its tail.

Tudor says the minke whale was approximately 25-feet in length, leading her to believe it was an adult.

She sent photos of the whale to the Marine Animal Response Society (MARS), but says no one from the society could travel to see the whale.

The mother of three says her husband returned to the scene around 4 p.m. Saturday. Tudor says he told her that the whale slipped further down the beach, but remained on land.

It is believed that nearly 30 minke whales died in the last year, but the species is not considered endangered.