CHARLOTTETOWN -- The lawyer for a Prince Edward Island man says court documents that allege his client had the castor beans necessary to produce the deadly toxin ricin should be viewed with skepticism.

A search warrant application filed with provincial court says police acted on two separate complaints about Amir Raisolsadat in the summer of 2013 that were received by RCMP headquarters in Ottawa regarding alleged national security threats towards western countries.

The document alleges that the RCMP found an iPhone case containing between 50 and 60 castor beans inside after they covertly went into Raisolsadat's home on April 29, 2014.

Brandon Forbes, Raisolsadat's lawyer, won't respond directly to the allegations in the document, saying that the proper forum for dealing with the facts will be in court.

But Forbes says the document doesn't reflect all of the facts in the case.

Raisolsadat was arrested last month after the Mounties applied for a peace bond under Section 810.01 of the Criminal Code.

Information sworn in provincial court indicates that the RCMP "fears on reasonable grounds" that the 20-year-old man will commit a terrorism offence.