RCMP in Prince Edward Island have arrested a 20-year-old man under a section of the Criminal Code related to terrorism.

The law allows police to apply for a peace bond when they believe a person may commit an act of terrorism.

Police won’t say what drew them to the man.

Amir Raisolsadat, a student from Stratford, P.E.I., was released on conditions Tuesday and must appear in Charlottetown provincial court on April 20, according to a court document.

The sworn information filed with the court says an RCMP officer in Charlottetown has reasonable grounds to believe Raisolsadat will allegedly commit a terrorism offence.

Prior to his release, Raisolsadat agreed to remain in the province, notify police of a change of address, employment or occupation, and to abstain from possessing a firearm.

He is also required to report to police once a week at RCMP headquarters in Charlottetown.

Amy Scales, a neighbour of the Raisolsadat family said they are quiet and keep to themselves.

“The mother didn't seem to be home very much. They park in the garage so we don't really get to see them,” Scales said.

She said she’s only seen her neighbours a handful of times since they moved in last November.

News of the arrest surprised Scales and other Islanders.

“It was just something that never occurred to me that would happen here,” Scales said.

Another Charlottetown resident said he’ll be paying close attention to this case in the media from now on.

“It could be something that's just getting blown out of proportion, (rather) than something that could be serious. We don't know the full details of what he was arrested for,” he said.

Citing the fact the investigation is ongoing, local RCMP are not offering any comment, instead forwarding media requests to RCMP headquarters in Ottawa.

“Police may pursue an application for an order (a recognizance) to keep the peace and be of good behavior if they have reasonable grounds to believe a person may commit a terrorism offence,” read a statement released by the RCMP.

This is the second time in the last month the RCMP have sought a peace bond against someone based on a suspicion they might commit a terror offence.

A summons was issued in February for Merouane Ghalmi to appear before a Quebec judge in Montreal to sign a peace bond after the RCMP said it feared he would commit a terrorism offence.

No document was signed in the case on Feb. 26 and the case was postponed to give Ghalmi's lawyers time to review the evidence.

Ghalmi has not been charged with any offence. It is not known why the Mounties say they are concerned about him because the contents of a sworn affidavit have been sealed.

With files from The Canadian Press and CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis