MONCTON, N.B. -- Maritimers across the region were finding different ways to beat the heat on Thursday with temperatures rising above 30 C in much of the region.

Many cooled off near the water, while those who had to work outdoors stocked up on water as the high temperatures meant a very hot work day for them.

"It's tough enough, no, it's really tough," said construction worker Raymond Basque."But I gotta supply water to the boys all the time."

Maritimers could be spotted patio-side with a cold drink, or cooling off in the water.

There was mixed reaction to the striking heat across the region.

"I think it's actually time, because all year it's been quite cold," said Moncton resident Dennis Poirier.

Riverview resident Charlotte Barrett disagreed.

"I think it's a little bit too high for my liking,"she said.

At a Moncton daycare, staff say playtime outside was limited as anything above 33 C means it's too hot for the young ones out in the sun.

"The little ones, we did do our outside time this morning," said daycare director Sharon Steeves.

In Nova Scotia, many families beat the heat by the water while making sure to take necessary precautions.

"Sunscreen, number one, and hats on kids, that sort of thing," said Melanie Dominic. "And we really try to stay inside between like noon and two."

Some say on days like these, they keep cool best indoors.

"I live in a basement apartment, so I just stay cool downstairs," Poirier said.

The early blast of summer-like weather had some unprepared for just how hotit was by early afternoon.

"Im in an air-conditioned apartment, so when you go out, you're sometimes not prepared for it," Barrett said.