HALIFAX -- According to Naomi Shelton with Elections Nova Scotia, because Nova Scotia does not have a fixed date election cycle, the province set an election readiness date for April 1.

“We worked towards that date,” said Shelton. "We planned all of our election readiness planning for that actual date."

Now, they wait for when the government calls an election. A warehouse filled with Covid-19 PPE and election materials is on standby. Elections Nova Scotia is also lining up short-term office space leases throughout the province.

"Because of Covid planning, we are trying to do that process a bit early this time," said Shelton.

Political science professor Jeff MacLeod says federal politics will influence a possible provincial election date.

“The federal Liberals want an election even though they are only two years into the mandate," said Macleod.

Macleod said the Trudeau government might drop the writ in the fall.

"And if you are the provincial liberals,” said MacLeod. “Do you want to go as a federal election is taking place or just after a federal action? I think no. You could see a summer election."

A recent poll shows a lead for the Nova Scotia Liberals and a high government satisfaction rating.

An official with the Nova Scotia PC party told CTV their internal polling data shows the race is much closer.

Margaret Brigley said poll numbers by Narrative Research support the notion that an election is not far off.

"It would suggest that the governing party is in a very comfortable position," said Brigley.

Shelton said whenever the election happens she expects more voters will vote from home.

"Using the write in ballot, and returning that write in ballot in the mail," said Shelton.

Elections Nova Scotia anticipates an increase in voting by mail because of Covid-19 safety concerns.