OTTAWA -- Conservative natural resources critic Shannon Stubbs says Liberal energy policies are scaring investors and putting national unity at risk.

Stubbs is responding to news that TransCanada Corp., has asked the National Energy Board to suspend its application for the 4,500-kilometre Energy East pipeline between Alberta and New Brunswick while it figures out if the NEB's environmental assessment of the line will affect the economic argument for the project.

The NEB last month announced the outline of its new review process for Energy East and said for the first time the environmental assessment will include an examination of the greenhouse gas emissions created at all stages, from oil extraction to end use.

Stubbs calls it the latest example of energy companies not doing business in Canada because of the Liberal government.

The Energy East pause comes just weeks before Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr is expected to outline the government's plans for a new environmental assessment process for energy projects, which was a key campaign promise by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Stubbs says Liberal policies have led to a reduction in investment in Canada's energy resources that would be the equivalent of losing three-quarters of Ontario's auto manufacturing and all of Quebec's aerospace industry.