There is some funding on the way for the arts sector in Nova Scotia.

Ottawa announced funding Tuesday for more than 160 different projects from one end of the province to the other.

The announcement by Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism, comes four months before the federal election.

“This $1.7 million is going to help festivals, big or small, and Canada celebrations,” Rodriguez said in Halifax on Tuesday. “They're all opportunities for people to get together with friends and family to celebrate.”

The funding will support nearly 170 projects and is welcome news to those who work in the industry.

“I think we need to be reminded that the arts and culture community here is one of our great export commodities,” said Leonard Preyra of Jazz East Festival. “It is one of the great magnets for people from all over, all around the world and we at Jazz East are glad to be a partner and a player in that world.”

Randy Glynn of the Live Art Dance festival of dance says: “We need arts and culture. It's part of the fabric of life. Nova Scotia has a history of having a strong arts community. It's nice now that some funding has come in to support the hand-to-mouth existence of art here, so, we think it's great.”

Despite the timing, the minister insists the announcement is more of an investment than a pre-election gift, noting arts and culture have a significant impact on other sectors.

“Honestly, arts and culture are booming here in Nova Scotia,” Rodriguez said. “I was in Lunenburg yesterday, I was in Windsor today, seeing what's been done, it’s amazing. We’ll be back with more news, good news.”

Halifax Mayor Mike Savage says “people want to live in a place that has a vibrant art scene. We have that and I think it's important that all orders of government support it.”

The government says the cash was set-aside in the last budget – tens of millions, in fact -- much of it spent on Canada Day activities across the country.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Natasha Pace.