Staff and volunteers at the Souls Harbour Rescue Mission have been preparing for days to serve a hot Thanksgiving meal to as many as 400 people, Saturday.

Soul’s Harbour opened their doors for a 6th year because Thanksgiving is a time when most gathers with friends and family to celebrate the bounty of the season, but for some their cupboards remain bare.

"I think it’s the right thing to do,” says volunteer, Joanne Gautschi. “If anyone has time on their hands they should give back to the community any way they can.”

Soul’s Harbour simultaneously served another dinner at their location in Bridgewater as well.

Those at the meal served on Saturday in Halifax, sat together and said a prayer before enjoying the feast with old and new found friends.

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission promotes itself as a home for the homeless that offers emergency help to people facing poverty, addiction and despair in Halifax, year-round.

The mission’s founder and CEO, Michelle Porter says they’re seeing a growing need each year, especially among seniors struggling to get by.

"The need is great and more and more people are finding out they can save their dollars by coming and having their fellowship here in our community at Soul’s Harbour,” Porter says.

Besides serving meals, the mission is also promoting their need for help and support from volunteers and the community.

Porter says starting on Tuesday, the public can vote online for the mission to build a new shelter.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Marie Adsett.