A former Pictou County, N.S. resident has penned a love song to his favourite food.

Pictou County is well-known as the birthplace of the grocery chain Sobeys, for being home to musicians Dave Gunning and George Canyon, but perhaps most of all for its pizza.

Residents will tell you there is nothing like the cheesy goodness of a slice of Pictou County pizza, made special by the spicy brown sauce.

Former Pictou County resident Caleb MacIvor now lives in Dartmouth, about an hour and a half away from his favourite food. His craving for the special slice became so bad, he decided to channel his love for the pie into a ballad, with the help of his friend Jeremy Tripp.

The song is called 'Slice of Love' and the lyrics are a bit cheesy.

“I like to write music about things that are awesome, about drinking, pizza, and other good food,” says MacIvor.

MacIvor's song explains how distance has made the heart grow fonder and the taste buds stronger.

“You don't realize it until you leave, that it was really good,” says MacIvor.

Unlike MacIvor, Tripp didn't grow up in Pictou County, but he's since been converted.

“Pictou County Pizza is what pizza should be,” says Tripp.

The song writing duo's pizza parody is getting a lot of attention online and they say this is just the beginning

“Doing what you love and making people laugh, there is nothing better than that,” says Tripp.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kelland Sundahl