The former anti-abortion Right to Life building was torn down on Sunday after being damaged by fire in late July.

The building was located next door to Clinic 554, a family practice providing abortions. The unlikely neighbours wound up together in 2000 and was originally opened by abortion rights advocate Dr. Henry Morgentaler in 1998.

Right to Life moved in next door two years later.

“Morgantaeler i think wanted this particular location to put his operation front and centre before the public and we thought we'll also go front and centre with another alternative,” said Peter Ryan, former executive director of New Brunswick Right to Life.

In the aftermath of the fire, Right to Life has moved its offices about a block away. But the organization still owns the property and is planning to return.

“The plan going forward from the board of directors is that we will rebuild,” said Heather Hughes, current executive director of New Brunswick Right to Life.

Clinic 554 medical director Dr. Adrienne Edgar had no comment on the demolition. But he was on hand offering donuts to people watching the demolition, including anti-abortion advocates.

Both sides say being cordial has been the key to being neighbours.

“That’s the great part about living in a free country and democracy, that we can disagree but still be civil,” said Hughes.

But for now, the pair of unlikely neighbours are separated by a pile of rubble and clouds of dust.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore.