A well-known marijuana activist says his wife was beaten and kidnapped during a home invasion overnight in East Chezzetcook, N.S.

Police were called to Chris Enns' home around noon Friday. The RCMP say the investigation is only a few hours old and that one of two people in the house was attacked with a weapon.

“The victim was forced into their own vehicle by two male suspects,” says Cpl. Clarke of Nova Scotia RCMP. “We would like the public to provide us with information, if they have it, on where this vehicle was seen or perhaps the identity of the suspects."  

Chris Enns has become well known as an activist for making medical marijuana more readily available. He says he is licensed to grow marijuana for a small number of clients.

In a Facebook post, Enns said, "We have contacted the RCMP and even if they victimize us further it’s O.K, because this is bigger than the two of us and the safety of our community is at risk. This is us asking for help."

A description of the suspects has not yet been provided.