HALIFAX -- Four-and-a-half-weeks after post-tropical storm Dorian, the dismantling the downed crane in Halifax isn't the only job yet to be finished.

Crews have been quietly working to clean up local cemeteries, which sustained significant damage in the storm.

That includes the final resting place of some very prominent Nova Scotians.

Along the ever-busy Bedford Highway, just inside the fence of Saint John's Cemetery, a large stump bears witness to a weather event few will ever forget.

When Dorian had moved on, maintenance crews knew they had a big job ahead of them -- far more than the downed tree by the highway.

"It was significant," said Jacob Rogers, the maintenance supervisor at the cemetery. "It was (a big) tree up there, and the roads were blocked off and it took two weeks to clean up or so."

It's not just Saint John's that suffered damage.

Halifax's historic Camp Hill Cemetery remains closed more than a month after Dorian.

Crews are still cleaning up large pieces of debris, righting headstones and filling holes.

Dorian may not have been enough to wake the dead, but it certainly disturbed their resting place.

"There were eight headstones that were damaged and large holes left from trees that had fallen down and from the large tree roots," said HRM spokeswoman Maggie-Jane Spray. "And so we're working to repair any of those headstones or monuments and fill any holes left from those large tree roots."

Camp Hill is one of the country's most historic graveyards -- the final resting place of everyone from Alexander Keith to Viola Desmond, Joseph Howe to Robert Stanfield.

It's unclear if any prominent graves were damaged.

"Probably about five stones down or so," Rogers said. "Not in this particular area, but we had multiple trees down throughout the entire place."

Back at Saint John's, the cleanup is finished, but some stones still have to be repaired, once the insurance has gone through.

Few reminders now of that unforgettable-storm -- except that stump, just off the Bedford Highway.

As for Camp Hill, city officials say the push is now on to finish the job, and get the storied cemetery reopened by the end of the week.