Almost 250 New Brunswick families were recently sent at letter by Horizon Health's CEO.

It says their loved one may not have been given a full dose of chemotherapy medication when treated for cancer.

The letter (see pictures) states that small doses of the drug delivered by IV could have been left behind in the tubing.

120 of those patients are now deceased, but Horizon says it would not have affected their outcome.

“Any time that there could be any issues with the health care delivery in this province we're going to take that very seriously,” said New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant.

The treatment and drug has been in use in the province since 2011.

It's a situation that made its way behind the podiums where politicians were promising they would do better.

“We, as the NDP, would go in and we would look at the reasons why those 248 people didn't receive the correct dosage and make sure that we have the procedures and practices and guidelines in place,” said New Brunswick New Democratic Party leader Jennifer McKenzie.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown.