It’s been closed for a week, but people trying to save the Oxford Theatre say they’re just getting started.

The group would like to see the iconic building saved as a theatre, but says movies can no longer be shown in the building, in accordance with the sales agreement.

Group member Emily Vaudeville would like to see something done about that.

“It would depend again if Cineplex would be willing to kind of loosen the rules on the no-movie clause, because it really is a loss for every generation that's been to the Oxford as well as everyone that hasn't gotten the chance to go,” Vaudeville says.

The new owner of the Oxford Theatre tells CTV News he's getting plenty of feedback from people in the community on what they see as the future for the iconic building. But for now, he says, it's far too early to say what the building will become.

But fans are not shy sharing their opinions.

“Number one would be to maintain a cinema here, but that's probably not going to happen. Number two would be if the developer keeps the building or the facade and maybe makes some kind of a community type of facility,” says Oxford Theatre fan John Van Gurp. “I'd be surprised if that's going to happen too. I think it's going to be condos and maybe some street level commercial, the way all the other buildings go.”

Vaudeville says the developer seems open to many different options. She says if it can’t be a cinema, the group has plenty of other ideas.

“Think of comedy shows, speakers that come to town, there could be so many uses for it,” she says.

Vaudeville says the group is meeting with the councillor for the area on Saturday.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown.