An ice wall formed from high winds has dozens of spectators stopping to take a look.

The ice wall is located in Bras D’or Lake near the small community of Irish Vale, N.S., a town that isn't used to getting so many visitors.  

“I think it’s awesome,” said resident Phyllis Frost. “Look at all the people out here taking pictures. There are families, there are elderly people. It’s great!”

Many cars were lined up along the highway. Some stopping to take a picture, while others try to make the big climb. Some ice wall visitors are even calling it ‘The Great Wall of Bras D’or’.

“I think they’re having a blast,” said residents Firman and Cynthia McCormick. “They’re climbing up on the wall, the great wall, and I think they’re having a grand time.”

International students who visited the ice wall say it was a site to be seen.  

“This is really cool. I’ve never seen anything like this in Vietnam before,” said Vincent Phan.

This time of year, ice flows normally start drifting towards the shore. However, nobody has an explanation as to why the wall formed so large in this area.

“Everybody cursed the winds. And now, they’re here to celebrate what it brought,” said Cynthia McCormick.

Residents in the area say this isn’t the first time they have seen an ice wall form like this.

“It’s probably 27 or 28 years ago, because we moved down in 1985,” said Frost. “And our daughter was probably three or four, and I remember it was almost up to the road.”

“We have many mysteries and lots to offer here,” said Cynthia McCormick. “You just have to look sometimes, but sometimes, they come to you!”

With Files from CTV Atlantic's Ryan MacDonald