The concert buzz is back in Moncton with AC/DC taking the stage on Magnetic Hill Saturday.

Eric Chiasson says he’s been a fan for 25 years. He took his son to see KISS in Saint John two years ago, which he says got the excitement rolling.

“As soon as the show was done [my son] said, ‘Dad, next time it's AC/DC," so for the past two years we have been looking to see where they were going to play,” said Chiasson.

Moncton was announced as part of the group’s ‘Rock or Bust’ world tour in February. Since then, hotel employee Shelby Bragg says reservation requests have been rolling in.

“We are sold out on Saturday,” she said. “We were actually sold out probably about 15 minutes after they announced the concert.”

Local bars and restaurants are seeing the concert as an opportunity to cash in.

“We have scheduled obviously to handle a larger crowd,” said bar owner Keith Mackintosh. “We have orders set to have more wings and more ribs, so we are ready for them.”

This is AC/DC’s second time at Magnetic Hill. The first was in 2009 where 66,000 were on hand.

Concert promoter Andre Hudon says he’s hoping for big numbers again.

“AC/DC started their North American tour last week in Boston – the reviews are just fantastic,” he said. “Lots of eye candy, the stage is magnificent, people are going to really enjoy this show.”

Economic development expert Ben Champoux says scheduling the concert on Labour Day was a smart move.

“They have already had a great tourism season this year,” he said. “You have got to keep in mind, the tourism industry alone for Moncton is a $400 million plus industry.”

Promotors are hoping Saturday’s concert will make for more frequent stops on Magnetic Hill.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s David Bell.