With the change of season, folks at the Magnetic Hill Zoo in Moncton are getting anxious to show off their newest animals.

Eight Caribbean flamingos arrived at the zoo in the fall as part of a deal that saw Moncton's tiger cubs sent to a zoo in Ontario.

The announcement was kept under wraps until this week.

“Their body formation is crazy,” said animal care foreman Jamie Carson. “People ask me all the time here, having been here so long, what my favourite animal is. I never really have an answer to that because there's several at the top of the list, but I think the flamingos are going to be very near the top.”

Flamingo eating habits are just as unique as their bold plumage. The long-legged waders require a specific shrimp and insect diet to maintain their bright pink colour.

The flamingos won't be out for the public when the zoo opens for the season on April 1. The tropical birds are going to stay in their winter enclosure until this snowy pond has undergone renovations to fit their style.

The existing pond will be modified to become a sandy beach.

“We're going to have an area there that has deeper water for them, and then a graded area where they can do in as deep as they want to and not just drop off into several feet of water, so we're going to modify the pond that's there now to have a nice gradual slope for them ,” said Carson.

Also on the move are the zoo's two hyacinth macaws – the largest members of the parrot species

“They're definitely going to be highlighted now that we have the brand new exhibit and building there as well, which is quite important and significant for us because a lot of temperature-sensitive animals have to be moved to a different area if they don't have a building attached to their exhibit that is winter hardy,” Carson said. 

With new animals, new digs and babies on the way, the Magnetic Hill Zoo is hoping for its most successful season yet.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Cami Kepke.