Residents living along New Brunswick’s St. John River say this year’s flooding – so far – isn’t too bad.

Water has managed to find its way into the basements of many residents, including Mark Harvey’s of Maugerville, N.B.

“Preparedness-wise, we're just watching the rain, watching the levels. The next couple days will be a little tense,” Harvey said. “It could get bad quickly. It could be nothing. But it's going to come and we're going to be here.”

Large parts of the main route along the St. John River remain closed. There are sections where water completely covers the road, along with branches and debris.

"If the water levels continue to rise then yes, we will need to push back the barricade to make sure that, it's just for everyone's safety," said Marc Andre Chiasson of New Brunswick EMO.

Driving along the roads can also create waves of water into people's yards, which is another reason to limit traffic. Residents are the only ones allowed to get through at this time.

In other parts, speed limits have been reduced to 50. RCMP have been around, pulling over anyone speeding.

Rain fell consistently throughout the day on Saturday. Officials are only seeing minor flooding at this time.

“For the moment it's the same as (Friday). We're still on alert, but there are no major impacts happening,” said Marc Andre Chiasson.

EMO says the biggest issue right now is how much rain will accumulate into the already swollen river.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown.