A 23-year-old man has been arrested and is facing charges after a rainbow crosswalk was vandalized in New Glasgow, N.S., early Friday morning.

Rubber skids were left all over the newly-introduced 12-metre crosswalk. LGBTQ activist Gerard Veldhoven is calling the incident a deliberate attempt to undermine the LGBTQ community.       

“I knew something like this could happen because I've been through it before in Amherst when i was chair of the Cumberland Pride Society,” said Veldhoven “The flag was taken down from the flagpole and slashed from one end to the other. And so, this is, it just keeps on going.”

The crosswalk was decorated by the town and UNESCO, a race and anti-discrimination committee.

Member Henderson Paris says the crosswalk served as a sense of pride for the whole community.

“A meaning of inclusion, you know, the diversity that encompasses our town,” said Paris.

Newly-elected New Glasgow Mayor Nancy Dicks says the “disturbing act of vandalism” is not reflective of the community.

“We continue to need to be vigilant in making sure the message of an inclusive, welcoming, respectful community is the message we want to send,” said Dicks.

Veldhoven says the LGBTQ community does not feel intimidated.

“We'll just keep on fighting for our rights and for equal treatment, equal opportunity and so on,” he said.

The physical damage to the crosswalk will be short-lived. The plan is to have it repainted early next week.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Dan MacIntosh.