Muriel McCullum has been an active volunteer in her hometown of Sussex, N.B. for nearly four decades.

Every Friday, Muriel passes on her first aid expertise to a class of students.

“I've been with St. John Ambulance for 38 years. I started just as a member, just doing volunteer work and then I became an instructor,” says Muriel.

She also sets up traumas for training for fire departments, the mine, she's really involved in St. John ambulance,” says James Lewis, with St. John Ambulance.

McCullum finds time to help with other groups and organizations in Sussex.

She's a member of the Hospice Association and the Sussex Sharing Club, she’s the chairman of the local RCMP victim services and is an active member of her church.

“What I really like about Muriel is she just keeps working and she's so pleasant all the time, everybody loves being around her,” says Lois King, a member of the Sussex Sharing Club.

McCullum is also now first responder trained. Those skills came in handy this past September.

“Here three or four months ago, I took an allergic reaction in Martin Head. Muriel happened to be at the Dare's Wilderness Lodge to look after me when I got there and if it wasn't for Muriel I would not be here today,” says Wellington McLean.

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