A homicide victim whose remains were found near Fredericton has been identified as a 19-year-old man who was reported missing.

The RCMP say information from the public led them to find the human remains in a wooded area off Route 10 in Noonan, N.B., on Saturday.

Police said Monday that they believed the man was a homicide victim, but they were still working to identify him.

An autopsy confirmed the remains are those of Corey Daniel Sisson, who was last seen alive on July 29 on Fredericton’s northside.

Sisson was reported missing to the Fredericton Police Force on July 30.

Police say Sisson's death is considered an isolated incident, and there is no risk to the general public.

Still, people who live in the area say the incident has left them feeling uneasy.

“It just makes you feel like you can’t be as secure as you were at one time,” said Norman LeBlanc, who has lived in Noonan for 25 years. “You have to lock your doors at night. You never know.”

“You hope that you don’t hear of these things in your own backyard, but these things unfortunately have been arising with, it seems to be, increasing frequency,” said resident Rick Hull.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the RCMP.