DARTMOUTH, N.S. -- There's been a range of reaction to the risk advisory of blue-green algae placed on Lake Micmac and Lake Banook in Dartmouth, N.S.

Some are very concerned while others are weighing the risks.

Dog owners were not taking any chances on Thursday, even though it would have been a lovely day for them to take a dip.

Blue-green algae can be harmful to people too. A risk advisory for blue-green algae was extended to Lake Banook after the possibility of a bloom was reported in Lake Micmac.

People are being warned to keep their pets out the water, as well as avoid going for a swim or drinking from the lake if a bloom is present.

There was plenty of activity on Lake Banook on Thursday.

"It hasn’t really changed the way we operate," said Emily Myers, the volunteer paddling director at Banook Canoe Club."What we’ve done is advised our membership of the same information that they would’ve received from social media or the news."

The Banook Canoe Club is encouraging members to take an outdoor shower if they tip into the water.

Any child in a day camp is required to get written permission from a parent or guardian in order to go in the water.

"In the past if there wasn't a bloom in Lake Banook, we wouldn’t have stopped swimming," Myers said. "So we were surprised by the decision for Birch Cove to be closed, but certainly respect anytime takes a precaution."

Lifeguards were on duty at Birch Cove beach on Lake Banook, warning people about the risk advisory in effect, but people were swimming in the lake on Thursday despite that.

Blue-green algae blooms are usually reported during the warmest part of summer and early fall, which means the risk is only likely to grow as the summer progresses.