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Moncton coffee fundraiser helps victims escape domestic violence

There was a highly-caffeinated fundraiser in Moncton Saturday morning to help victims of domestic abuse.

Downtown coffee shop Epoch Chemistry hosted a taste-testing event in support of Shelter Movers Greater Moncton.

The group provides moving and storage services to survivors of domestic violence.

The Moncton chapter made its first move back in November, and has completed around moves 40 to date.

Chapter director Renée Charron said they are on-track to complete 100 moves in their first year.

The registered charity works with local storage companies, vehicle rental companies and other community groups to provide a safe and dignified way for survivors to leave the people abusing them.

“Every process for leaving abuse can be very unique from one client to another, but we do know that when they announce their intention to leave, that is when survivors are most likely to face femicide or escalated violence,” said Charron. “So it’s important to get them out safely and on time and that’s where Shelters Movers is there to provide their support.”

Epoch Chemistry operation manager Bryce Kibler said they are very passionate about helping great causes.

“We felt really strongly about the impact that Shelter Movers is able to do in the community and we wanted to help them out and be able to raise money for them,” said Kibler. “We do this not only just with them, but also other organizations as well, like Harvest House and a few others.”

It costs Shelter Movers about $250 to move a family, but they provide the services to their clients at no cost.

“We’re making sure that all of their belongings are stored safely while they’re in shelters, that they receive safe moving services and that their pets and their children also receive those transportation services,” said Charron.

Charron said they have around 60 volunteers now, but there is always room for more.

To volunteer or make a donation, visit the Shelter Movers website. Top Stories

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