MONCTON -- Moncton’s historic Castle Manor has transformed into a getaway hot spot.

Castle Manor dates back to 1908. Originally designed to be an orphanage, the building was used as a convent and eventually a seniors home.

In 2014, developer Jay Tse bought the building.

“Nuns ran this place and throughout the years I had people that come and talk to me, said that their parents, something like that, or grandparents came to school here,” says Tse.

The 19,000-square-foot property is now home to high-end condos, which can be rented on Airbnb for both long and short-term stays.

Tse says it was important to keep some of the building's history, which is why the castle still features some of the traditional fixtures, such as chandeliers.

“That's our past and they don't make them anymore,” says Tse.

Locals and tourists alike have rented the castle for bachelorette parties, engagements, and birthday celebrations. Tse says visitors are often shocked by what's inside.

“Very, very surprised to see something like this in Moncton,” says Tse.

“Even people living in Moncton want to come in here for a weekend.”