Three more women who believe their pregnancies and deliveries may have been affected by a tampering case at the Moncton Hospital have come forward.

A nurse at the hospital was fired after allegedly giving pregnant women a labour-inducing drug, resulting in emergency C-sections.

Several mothers are now seeking their medical records and are ready to take legal action.

Although Sydney Peck's baby was not born via emergency caesarean delivery, she says her case of abnormal contractions and her baby's heart rate dropping was a little too similar to other mothers who have come forward with the same stories.

“Isn't it funny that the same incidents happened!?” Peck said.

Peck, Amanda Martin and Lindsay Power all gave birth at the Moncton Hospital in 2018. They all question whether they were given the labour-inducing drug oxytocin without their consent.

They all say their labours started off “normal,” then a drug was administered, strong contractions began, and then there was a rush to deliver.

“It happened in a matter of 20 minutes,” said Martin.

Said Peck: “Within minutes, I was on the bed pushing.”

Power had a similar story.

“All of a sudden, there was like 10 people surrounding my bed,” she said.

Martin had her baby Ivy after a traumatic emergency C-section.

“The doctor comes in and I think she thought I was out, and she took a big slice and I remember screaming and I remember them saying, ‘She's not out yet,’” Martin said.

All three babies were born not breathing.

Power says if she finds out her baby Deakin's delivery was associated with tampering allegations, she's ready to take legal action.

“I don't think that the hospital should be able to shrug this under the rug,” Power said. “There were a lot of women impacted and it can cause a lot of damage. It could have caused a lot of damage to innocent babies and they should be held accountable.”

All are left wondering.

“What is the motivation to harm the most vulnerable demographic we have, which is a brand new newborn baby?” Martin asked.

It’s an answer they're patiently waiting for in hopes of getting some closure and clarification.

The three women all agree that legal action is an option, but at this point, until they get more answers, there's not much they can do other than to keep waiting and watching for updates.

With files from  CTV Atlantic’s Kate Walker.